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MedSchoolCoach is only an academic consulting and tutoring firm. Although we strive to maximize your capacities and enhance your chances of achieving excellence in your academic and professional path-development, we cannot guarantee results and outcomes unless otherwise clearly stated for a specific service. It should be noted that all final decisions with regard to grades, applications, and/or interviews are made by external, non-affiliate parties. It is our primary objective to provide you with all the essential tools in order to give you a competitive edge, however, we cannot in any shape or form complete your applications on your behalf, write your letters/CV/autobiographical sketches, guarantee test scores, admission decisions, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicants to follow the specific instructions of their school of their choice in order to ensure the safe and timely arrival of their applications. It should be understood that academic performance is dependent upon many other variables outside the control of MedSchoolCoach. Additionally, MedSchoolCoach, operates in an ethical manner and all data presented are obtained through publicly available sources. Importantly, note that MedSchoolCoach is not affiliated with, nor endorse, any of the organizations mentioned including but not limited to universities, colleges, official test administrators or any external websites, unless otherwise it is explicitly indicated.

Services for the packages are valid for one application cycle with the exception of the advising hours for the Platinum Package, which can be used for multiple years. All services are offered via phone, email and webcam. If in person consultation is desired, applicable travel expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.

Availability of our advisors:

MedSchoolCoach, LLC shall have discretion in selecting the dates and times it performs such consulting and editing services giving due regard to the client’s needs. No edits will be returned later than 168 hours after receipt of initial draft, except in extenuating circumstances. Typically, edits will be provided within 72 hours. Over the phone consultations should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Mock interviews should be scheduled at least 96 hours prior. However, we are available on shorter notice if anything “urgent” is needed!

Cancellations of Sessions:

With regard to cancellations and/or rescheduling, we ask that you provide us with at least a 48 hours notice. In case of a late cancellation and/or rescheduling, and depending on the circumstances, a fee may or may not be charged to your final account. This will also depend upon the type consultation you had scheduled with us.

Editing Services:

I acknowledge that when working on essays, MedSchoolCoach, LLC will never write my essay for me. MedSchoolCoach, LLC will provide guidance in the writing process and offer detailed revisions, however no portion of the personal statement will be written by MedSchoolCoach, LLC. As outlined in the AMCAS certification: I certify that all written passages, such as the personal statement, essays required from M.D./Ph.D. applicants, and descriptions of work/activities, are my own and have not been written, in part or in whole, by a third party. Quotations are permitted if the source is cited.


All communications between MedSchoolCoach, LLC and client are strictly confidential. At no time will your name or work be released beyond our advisors. At MedSchoolCoach we take every step to secure your privacy and confidentiality. Any and all information gathered from you throughout our consultation sessions will be held in confidence, not shared with a third party (i.e. individual, group, corporation, etc.), or used as data in a study, without your written and signed consent. Although your privacy is our highest priority, MedSchoolCoach cannot guarantee the security of all electronic communications via the internet, as online communication is not alway one hundred percent secure and, in the unlikely event of lost or stolen information over the internet, MedSchoolCoach will not be held responsible.

Termination of Services:

Either party may terminate this relationship at any time for any reason by giving written notice to the other party. Upon termination, no refunds can be issued.


We strive to make every single student experience exceptional, but if we haven’t met your expectations we have some simple rules to initiate a refund:

Refund Policy for Services Purchased after 5/1/2021:

  • All refund requests must be initiated within 30 days of starting services. No refunds can be issued after this time, but can be processed as MedSchoolCoach credits as below. Refunds cannot be issued for services already provided in any circumstance.
  • If a refund is requested within 30 days of purchasing services, the refund amount is at the discretion of MedSchoolCoach; for tutoring students, refunds are calculated based on unused hours (each hour is charged at the lowest tier package hourly rate). For advising students, refunds are calculated based on any services rendered (all hours used are billed at $400/hr). All refunds will be subject to an additional 5% administrative/processing fee. 
  • Any cancellation of services after 30 days will be processed as “MedSchoolCoach credits”. MedSchoolCoach credits can be used towards any MedSchoolCoach services for a period of two years and are eligible to transfer to friends or family. Credits can only be converted one time to other services.
  • Note, for advising students who are currently on a waitlist for a medical school and signing up for services for the next application cycle, we allow up to 120 days to initiate a refund request if the student is accepted off a waitlist to attend medical school. In these cases, refunds are provided based on the services utilized to date.

Refund Policy for Services Purchased on or prior to 4/30/2021:

  • All refund requests must be initiated within 60 days of purchasing services. No refunds can be issued after 60 days of purchase, but can be processed as MedSchoolCoach credits as below.
  • Refunds cannot be issued for services already rendered in any circumstance.
  • Refund amount is at the discretion of MedSchoolCoach. Refunds will be issued minus any hours utilized by our advisors, tutors and administrators. Hours used are charged at a rate of $400/hr.
  • All other late cancellation notices, and circumstances of partial cancelations, are processed as “MedSchoolCoach credits”. The amount owed must be converted to MedSchoolCoach credits if more than 60 days have passed since the date of purchase. MedSchoolCoach credits can be used towards any MedSchoolCoach services for a period of one year. Credits can only be converted one time to other services.

No Guarantee:

I acknowledge there is no guarantee that the services provided by MedSchoolCoach, LLC will improve my chances for admission to medical school. However, every effort is made to put forth the best application possible with the help of MedSchoolCoach, LLC’s advisors.

Your responsibility:

The student is solely responsible for his/her own application in its entirety, including the submission, meeting of deadlines and communicating with AMCAS/TMDSAS/AACOMAS or medical schools.

“Platinum Package Promise” or “Guarantee of admission or we work with you again the next application cycle” provisions:

MedSchoolCoach, LLC, through its Platinum Package Promise (formally called the Gold Package Promise until Sept 2017), will work with you again on the next application cycle (primary application only) if you fail to be accepted to medical school during the current application cycle. In order to be eligible for the “Guarantee of admission” an applicant must meet the following requirements: minimum MCAT score of 502 and minimum science GPA 3.4 for only MD and MCAT score of 3.2 and minimum MCAT of 500 if you are applying to both DO & MD schools. In addition to the above, you must have followed all the advice issued by MedSchoolCoach. If the terms are met, you will be eligible to receive advising, personal statement editing and AMCAS editing for the next application cycle. Note, no interview preparation or secondary application editing is included for the second application cycle.

“Score Improvement Guarantee”:
Score-Improvement Guarantee is only applicable for students on the Silver or Gold Tutoring Package. To qualify the following must be completed prior to beginning tutoring:

a. All tutoring hours purchased must be utilized to qualify for the Score Improvement Guarantee.

b. Prior to your first tutoring session, you MUST a screenshot of your most recent NBME or AAMC MCAT with your name, test date, score, and score-legend visible to help@medschoolcoach.com.
c. After you finish your tutoring hours, you MUST take an NBME, USMLE or MCAT within 1 week of your final tutoring session
d. If the score hasn’t improved, submit another screenshot with your name, test date, score, and score-legend visible to help@medschoolcoach.com.
e. We’ll get you set up for an additional 10 tutoring hours at no cost. NO REFUNDS CAN BE ISSUED.

User Data

The interaction and information obtained through www.medschoolcoach.com are always subject to the User’s privacy settings for each social network.

Users can choose to sign up and log in via 3rd party services (Google, Apple, Facebook), sharing information, such as full name, email, and profile photo.

Additional Terms:

By purchasing MedSchoolCoach, LLC’s services I agree to the following: I release MedSchoolCoach, LLC’s including its associated employees, consultants and contractors (all of whom shall be referred to as “MedSchoolCoach”) and discharge MedSchoolCoach from all claims, demands, or actions by me, on the basis of the discussions and interpretations of MedSchoolCoach. Consideration for this release and disclaimer of liability on behalf of MedSchoolCoach, shall be the services rendered by MedSchoolCoach.

Each service requires full pre-payment unless specified otherwise above. Fees paid to MedSchoolCoach are non-refundable. No partial refunds will be issued, unless at the discretion of MedSchoolCoach as above. If a refund is issued, this amount will be determined at the sole discretion of MedSchoolCoach at the time of termination. Advice provided by MedSchoolCoach is the intellectual property of MedSchoolCoach. Services are not transferrable. Parents and significant others may participate in discussions. MedSchoolCoach reserves the right to terminate a relationship with a client for any reason and at the sole discretion of MedSchoolCoach. 

Non-Disparagement. Applicant and applicants family agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm MedSchoolCoach or its or their reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to the MedSchoolCoach. By purchasing MedSchoolCoach’s services, I agree with the aforementioned under any applicable law or regulation.

All disputes, controversies, or claims arising out of or relating to this contract shall be submitted binding arbitration in accordance with the applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect.

In the event of litigation relating to the subject matter of this Agreement, the non-prevailing party shall reimburse the prevailing party for all reasonable attorney fees and costs resulting therefrom.

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