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MCAT Practice Exam

Take Your MCAT Performance to Another Level

MedSchoolCoach has created the most realistic practice exam content available anywhere. By combining years of MCAT expertise and insider AAMC knowledge, we’ve created hundreds of unique passages and questions that replicate the actual MCAT for the most realistic simulation available. We’ve taken the MCAT practice test platforms and recreated the MCAT testing experience in extreme fidelity and coupled it with world-class analytics to help students achieve their dream scores.

We've built incredibly realistic MCAT practice tests.

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Take Representative MCAT Practice

Now there’s a practice exam with sample questions that simulate the actual MCAT. None of our MCAT passages and questions are recycled from the old MCAT. We’ve created every passage and question from scratch by incorporating the knowledge we’ve gathered from years of helping students boost their MCAT scores to make our test prep as realistic as possible.
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Obtain Detailed Explanations & Strategic Insights

Precisely identify your strengths and weaknesses. Analytical detail breakdown of which questions you got right and wrong for each topic determine which areas require further review as well as how much time you spent on each question to improve your pacing. Collectively, these details will help you hone your MCAT study program so you are in the best position to succeed on test day.
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Master CARS Paragraph Summaries

Summarize key points for each paragraph. A major challenge for students with the CARS section is properly extracting the central thesis of the passage. Our MCAT practice exams help you practice that and teach you tricks to get to the heart of each paragraph.
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Access Robust Statistics & Analytics

Identify exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are. Analytical detail goes beyond what answers you got right and wrong within each category, all the way to how much time you spent on each question. Collectively, these details from the prep course will help you hone your MCAT study program so that when you take the test for real, you are in the best position to succeed.

In-Depth Analytics

Our analytics will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in a way that can allow you to tailor your study planning. Using our MCAT practice tools, you’ll be able to adapt for your next MCAT practice exam and for the real deal. Download a Sample MCAT Practice Exam Analytic Report.

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Realistic Simulation

Because your success on MCAT day is determined by your preparation, we went through extraordinary detail to match the look and feel, as well as the complete experience, to the actual MCAT exam. As you take our MCAT Practice Exam, you’ll become intimately familiar with the actual exam platform you’ll use in the testing centers.

Data-Driven Question Creation

Creating the absolute best practice material is an evolving process. The MCAT changes over time. No one has captured the essence of the 2020-2021 MCAT like we have. By recruiting the best question-writing team, content experts, and the premier MCAT experts in the country, we’ve built practice tests that do not replicate – they innovate. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you work at something, the better you get at it. So, whether you’re taking MCAT classes or studying on your own, example questions and practice exams are part of every effective MCAT study strategy. To boost your chances of having an incredible test day and score, you have to know what to expect and how it will be presented to you. Our test questions are curated by a team of experts to get you as close as possible to the real thing. You get the chance to familiarize yourself with everything you need to know in terms of content, and you also gain a practical understanding of the test format.

But it’s not just about making sure that you know and understand the study material. It’s also about getting rid of those test day jitters. While it is completely normal to be nervous about this kind of milestone, being well-prepared can make you more calm and confident. Anxiety can affect your performance, so make sure to get ahead of it by preparing with some of the best MCAT prep classes and practice exams from MedSchoolCoach.

Our MCAT online prep materials are designed to give you a holistic study experience. Each member of our team has been right where you are today, so we know exactly what you can benefit from. From our one-on-one tutoring to an app that lets you learn on the go, take advantage of as much as you can to ace that test!

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Realistic MCAT Test Platform Simulator
Four Exam Attempts Included
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